Damian Kastorian Furs

We are a 3rd generation fur workshop established since 1950. In the last few years, I have the workshop leadership. My parents taugth me the art of fur crafting, which is a family tradition. Every year we improve our processing technics in order to reach the best outcome. Our furs are totally crafted in our workshop in Kastoria of Greece with complete diligence in order to offer the best fur clothing. They have some details that make them special!

My hometown Kastoria is famous for its fur workshops and its fur trade since 16th century!

Fox fur clothing is haute couture and a clothing that all women love to have in their wardrobes. Thus, inspired by my love for women and real fur, I produce fur clothing and accessories in order to make them feel cozy and confident with what they wear.

Not all fox furs are the same! In our shop we use only brand-new foxes, not used or remade. The DKF’s quality is extremely high. In our collections we use Copenhagen/Finland furs.

The final cost of a fur clothing depends on a variety of factors, such as the quality and the origin of its skins and the rest materials, the manner of its processing, the design, the finishing and the color.

The materials we use are fox, mink, badger, raccoon, swakara furs and leather details.

We offer short processing time and courier shipping in order our products to reach fast their destination.

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